DCP HEMIGAL DCP Hemigal from Leskovac was established on 22 March 1995. The main activity of the company is the production of cosmetic products.

Over the years, the company has continuously developed and insisted on product quality, detailed and strict internal production control, and fast and efficient transportation of products to customers. Thus, it achieved the satisfaction of end users and became one of the most famous manufacturers of cosmetic products in the region.

The production programme of the company DCP HEMIGAL includes:

  • Products for the care of delicate and sensitive skin of newborns and children (ointments, creams, oils, shampoos, shower gels and baby powders);
  • Products for the care, conditioning, and hygiene of face and body skin, as well as hair (creams, milks, lotions, shampoos, liquid soaps);
  • L’OCO – Products for hair care, conditioning, and styling (waxes, gels, oils,
    conditioners, hydrogen cream);
  • Waxing products (creams, waxes, waxing tapes, and lotions);
  • Waxing products (creams, waxes, waxing tapes, and lotions);

The products: Pavlogal , Fitogal, Fitodepil, Eliot, Abbronzare are represented in the market of Serbia, but also in the markets of neighbouring countries i.e., Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Also, the products are present in the markets of Russia and China.
Our products formulated in our laboratory are a combination of formulators’ knowledge and creativity, sophisticated manufacturing technology and top-quality raw materials from the world’s most famous manufacturers, with whom the company has long-standing successful cooperation.
Up till June 2006, DCP Hemigal carried out its activities in several rented locations in Leskovac. Since then, the complete production, development and quality control laboratories and warehouses have been consolidated in a new location, where the facilities have been designed to meet the requirements of cosmetic production good manufacturing practices. This enabled the further improvement of all business system processes and the implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22716/GMP standards.

Successful cooperation with professional and educational institutions, such as the Leskovac Faculty of Technology, the University of Niš and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Belgrade, represents an additional guarantee of product quality and safety. For the constant monitoring and fulfilment of legal regulation requirements, the company has developed and maintains partnership relations with national and municipal inspection bodies, ministries, and other governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as other interested parties.
Constant investment in the increase of employees’ professional abilities, care for their health and safety, active monitoring of modern achievements in the field of cosmetics, respect for ethical codes of professional cooperation, and care for the social community, represent the basic principles which are the basis of DCP Hemigal’s business.


Our mission is to provide top-notch products to end consumers and customers, with the maximum development of each employee and selfless social community care.


DCP HEMIGAL – the leader in the manufacture of cosmetic products in the Balkans, known for product quality, reliability, and readiness for cooperation.

Cosmetic products quality, environment,
and good manufacturing practices policy

DCP Hemigal d.o.o develops and manufactures cosmetic products included in “Pavlogal“, “Fitogal“, “L’OCO“, “Eliot“, “Abbronzare” and “Fitodepil“ product lines. All products have been developed in our own laboratory and are the result of sophisticated development and production technologies, including top quality raw materials procured from the most famous global manufacturers.

By applying knowledge and modern technologies, building its business on internationally recognized quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015,, životne sredine prema ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards according to ISO 22716:2007 DCP Hemigal ISO 14001:2015, and good manufacturing practices in the industry of cosmetic products according to ISO 22716:2007, DCP Hemigal is dedicated to maintaining its position in the production of cosmetic products in the Balkans as a leader recognized for product quality, reliability, and readiness for cooperation.

Considering continuous changes occurring in the market that sets increasingly strict requirements, limited resources, competitiveness which is difficult to acquire and easily lost, the strategy of DCP Hemigal d.o.o. is based on:

Focusing on the user to meet their requirements and commitment to exceed their expectations;

Leadership role of the management and the creation of an environment which encourages colleagues to achieve the set goals and vision;

Hiring competent people who are aware of their contribution to quality management systems (QMS), the environment (EMS) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the cosmetic products industry, who, by applying knowledge and their attitudes towards work, contribute to achieving the company’s planned and expected results;

Process approach, process management, and the system as a unit, implemented by applying the PDCA cycle with a general focus on “risk-based thinking” to seize opportunities and prevent undesirable results so as to obtain the planned results;

Acquiring new knowledge and skills, as well as the free exchange of experiences within teams and satisfaction when working, also including the results of DCP Hemigal d.o.o.

Improvement by consistently meeting the requirements and handling future needs and expectations, which is a challenge for an organization operating in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment;

Making fact-based decisions by comparing the performance of the reference management systems with the set goals.

Management of mutual relations and the development of mutually beneficial relations with all stakeholders with a view of establishing partnerships and long-term cooperation;

Commitment to pollution prevention and environmental protection through a dedication to fulfilling compliance obligations related to identified aspects of the environment and continuous improvement of EMS performance and EMS management systems for the purpose of improving performance, as well as developing awareness of the consequences of non-compliance;

Decision to comply with at least the relevant legal and other requirements to which the company has agreed;

By the consistent implementation of the quality management system, environmental management system, and good manufacturing practice in the industry of cosmetic products, DCP Hemigal d.o.o. creates additional value for the organization, employees, owners, and the society in general.

Igor Denić

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